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Source Heat Pumps Ltd are a leader in the provision of Heat Pump services and products in all areas of the South of England. We are available to supply system designs, installations, and any required associated services to both residential and commercial building projects of any size.

Heat pumps are a highly effective solution to heating and cooling applications with up to half the running costs of oil, LPG, electric and mains gas systems. Our systems can provide your building with temperature controlled air and water, delivering considerable savings over their 20 - 25 year life span.

By exploiting the temperature differences in the air and the ground around your property heat pumps are able to draw the heat and cold into the building and disperse it where and as required. The process can be up to three times more efficient than traditional heating methods and will dramatically reduce the carbon footprint of the property as the systems do not burn fuel and have no flue outlet.

Source Heat Pumps are partnered with the very best in the Heat Pump industry including Danfoss, DeLonghi and Worcester Bosch, we source the complete heat pump range from these companies and are experts at implementing tailor made systems using them to their best advantage.

Government CERT grants are available for all domestic installations up to the value of £900 on all Domestic Air Source systems and up to £1500 on all Domestic Ground Source systems.

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Microgeneration and Renewable Technology News

In 2011 Source Heat Pumps were granted the Renewables Roadshow Award for New Microgeneration Certification Scheme Installer, seen here accepting our award at the Ricoh Arena with Julia Bradbury.

Source Heat Pumps accept their award for Microgeneration Certification Installations

Micro-Generation Certification is "an internationally recognised quality assurance scheme which demonstrates to your customers that your company is committed to meeting rigorous and tested standards."  More information on the scheme can be found here.

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